Caeleb Dressel breaks every records in Budapest!

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Caeleb Dressel breaks every records in Budapest!

Caeleb Dressel breaks the 100 medley world record in the Champions Isl finals in Budapest. The American won with the time of 49" 28. Dressel had touched the world record of the French Amaury Leveaux of 44 "94" 35 minutes earlier but improves the American record of the 100 sl in 45 "08.

Dressel then plays in turn and touch the world in the 50 butterfly and touches in his third race in 22 ”09: the Brazilian Santos is saved with his 21” 75. The fast relay race for men and women swims in 45 "99 and finally goes into the water for the fifth time in the breaststroke skin race and deserves the MVP title in the triumph of the Cali Condors, who become the 2020 champions of Isl.

The one who improves the world championship in the same race but in the male is Adam Peaty, the British Olympian stamps a fabulous 55 "41 to improve his own record that he had achieved last week in 55" 49 when he canceled the 55 "61 of South African Cameron Van der Burgh from 2009.

Dressel had also improved her US record in 100 freestyle by two cents (45 ”20); in the second he broke the 50 ”wall in the 100 medley, the craziest pool race, canceling the 2018 world record of 50” 26 of the Russian Vladimir Morozov in 2014 in 49 ”88; in the third he lost the 50 butterfly by 24 cents in 22 ”04 (but the US record) to the Brazilian Nicholas Santos (who in 22” 80 was close to his world limit by 5 cents); and in the fourth he dragged the Cali Condors, the team that led to the Finals next Saturday and Sunday, with a 45 ”01 men's-women's fast relay.

The other challenges

Great uncertainty in the women's 100sl women with national records crushed and won by the French Beryl Gastaldello in 51 "38 8 who then makes a fabulous encore in the 100 medley in 57" 30 with an anonymous Sjostrom.

Chad Le Clos in 2012 beat Phelps in London in the 200 butterfly: could he also lose from the best and new record holder Tom Shields in the Isl? For the South American, a 1'48 "57 is a narrow 9 cents. Olivia Smoliga crushes the US primacy and shook the 54 "89 world championship of Australian Minna Atherton: now she is the third centista ever.

The Russian Kliment Kolesnikov this time stops at 48 ”82 and does not repeat yesterday's record set in the relay in 48” 58 but beats the triolympic Rya Murphy. Sjobhan Haughey takes away Federica Pellegrini's 2nd all-time time trial in the 200 sl.

The Asian beats Freya Anderson and the London Olympian, Allison Schmitt: three names that the blue already knows well in the “dangerous” box. In the men's 200m, the Scottish Duncan Scott takes the British record in 1'40 "25, the fourth time ever and beats the American Haas who in 1'40" 49 cancels Ryan Lochte's ten-year record of 1 ' 41 "18.