Federica Pellegrini: "I'll think of having a child when..."

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Federica Pellegrini: "I'll think of having a child when..."

The Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini talked about the nightmare right of the last few weeks. She was positive to COVID-19, with some problems during the first days of her disase. Anyway now she is fine, and she also came bac to competition.

During an interview she talked about the possibility to become mother. She said: "A child? I will think about it when they tell us if we will do the Olympics or not. I've had a lot of fantasies about becoming a mother, but I'm one who when she makes a decision I try to carry it on.

I gave myself up to August, then I'll decide something else. Elisa di Francisca (of fancing), like Tania Cagnotto (of diving), as a mother was already a bit undecided from the start, so I understand well that experiencing this uncertainty again, she told herself that she didn't want to waste time again on a decision like that of a second child.

As a woman she did well."

On her come back on the Budapest International Swimming League she said: "Having experienced this bubble format in Budapest that worked, few athletes and staff, buffers, distancing and rules including not being able to leave the hotel for more than 90 minutes while remaining on Margaret Island, under penalty of disqualification, it seems impossible to lead to an Olympiad size and similar control.

I don't know what to expect, because on the one hand he would like to overcome optimism to seek the motivation to train every day as if there were no obstacles, but on the other hand there is a terrible déjà-vu.

If these Games are to be held, the International Olympic Committee should provide the vaccine to all athletes. I think it is the only way forward. Of course, if the vaccine will be there and it will be guaranteed first to the weakest sections of the population: first to the groups at risk: then in my opinion the vaccine, if there will be, will be essential to be able to make the Olympics."

The news for athletes and crowds at the next Olympics

Toshiro Muto, managing director of Tokyo 2020, announced this important news for the athletes and then declared: "No decision has yet been made for foreign spectators.

Tests will be required before arrival and then upon arrival itself for the public, but everything is not yet defined. By next Spring, we will work out a plan for spectators, especially non-Japanese ones. However, I believe it is not possible to set up a 14-day quarantine test for foreign viewers, so there must be workarounds."

In view of the Olympics that will be held in 2021 unless there are sensational scenarios, some measures have been confirmed or eliminated for those who will have to arrive in Japan from abroad. The most important news these days is certainly the fact that athletes will not have to observe 14 days in quarantine upon their arrival in Tokyo.

The organizers of the tournament have in fact confirmed that the participants will be outside the quarantine rules, in force instead for any tourist who wants to visit Japan until the period of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. They will not have to carry out the quarantine but the athletes will have to take a Covid test at least 72 hours before their arrival in Tokyo and their negativity will be important for their arrival in the capital.