Tragedy in Indonesia: surf superstar Mikala Jones bled to death in an accident

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Tragedy in Indonesia: surf superstar Mikala Jones bled to death in an accident
Tragedy in Indonesia: surf superstar Mikala Jones bled to death in an accident

Hawaiian surf star Mikala Jones has died in a tragic accident while surfing in Indonesia. The famous 44-year-old sportsman died of bleeding after a table fin would have severed a femoral artery. Despite immediate help, there was nothing they could do.

Jones was engaged in a surf session off the Indonesian Mentawai islands when, just out of a very high wave, he suddenly ended up underwater, in great difficulty. The colleagues who went to meet him to help him noticed a deep wound in the groin from which he was losing a lot of blood.

Uruguayan surfer Santiago Pereira explained: "When he emerged from the foam several seconds later, he realized he had cut himself in the groin, so he let go of the camera and all and tried hand paddling flat on the board.

We went immediately to look for him together with his nephew who gave him his board and, when he hoisted himself, he passed out. He was losing a lot of blood. We put him in the boat, we applied a tourniquet, meanwhile we held his hands telling him not to fall asleep and stay with us." Jones' daughter Isabella recalls her father on Instagram: "Thank you dad for taking me on so many adventures, pushing me to do things when i didn’t want to, teaching me so many life lessons, always being there for me and making us all happy.

I wouldn’t be the person I am today without you. I will forever carry on your legacy. Thank you for taking me out to your spots and teaching me your ways. My earliest memory with you was when you took me surfing at echo beach and we went tandem together and we caught a wave out back all the way up to the sand and face planted.

When i was younger my dad would always take my friends and I out to tandem together and we would send it on bombs. One of the funniest moments i’ve had with you out in the water was when i was about 9. Santy and I walked the beach with my dog Dr.pepper while you were surfing.

The tide got too high to walk back so you picked us up on the jet ski and just sent it through the waves. Whenever the waves were perfect for you and i was scared to go you always told me “You’ll be fine” which taught me to become a professional wave dodger, but i will miss watching you surf, you always amazed me.

I’ll never forget that one day when we went out together, it was just us and I saw you in the biggest barrel and then the next wave you caught you did 20 turns on one wave and i was out on my longboard thinking to myself maybe this is a sign to shortboard.

Y ou made the ocean my happy place, made me feel safe, taught me patience, a place where i could escape from reality, not worry about anything and every time I go in the water i will be thinking about you. I wish you told me more stories about your trips.

You were so secretive but i guess i will just have to figure it out myself later on in life. I am forever greatful and no words could ever explain how much love i have for you. I’ll keep telling people the wrong places whenever i surf.

You were an amazing Dad, I love you so much. We all will miss you and we will forever love you. I promise we will bring you to all of the right places. i promise i will be strong, i will keep making you proud, i’ll take care of Mom and violet and all of our family.

MJ ALL DAY thank you everyone for all of the love n support."