Great swimming potential, Hwang Sun-woo, on his ambitions in the future


Great swimming potential, Hwang Sun-woo, on his ambitions in the future

South Korea's young swimming star, Hwang Sun-woo, has huge ambitions this year. Sun-woo returned to his country after the hard training he had in Australia. "I was quite surprised by the intensity of coach Scarce's training at first, which was 1.3, 1.4 times more intense than what I had done in Korea," Hwang told reporters, as quoted by "I think it was a satisfying training session as I was able to achieve a good record even with a training suit after enduring such strong training," he continued.

Asian Games

The Asian Games, which will be held in September, will be a great chance for him and his colleagues to show their qualities. At the last World Championship, they were sixth in the 4x200m relay. Hwang believes they can do even better this time.

"I think we could have achieved a better record at that time because we could not show our full potential. I believe we can achieve a good result in the Asian Games. With our current record, we may have a chance for a gold medal if we can shorten our time to the 7 minutes and 4 seconds range.

Each athlete needs to shorten their time by 0.5 to 0.8 seconds." His goal this year will be to break his personal record, and he does not want to give up on the goal. "I did a lot of practice for the freestyle 100m pace during training with coach Scarce.

I hope to break my personal best record that I could not achieve last year," he said. The World Championships in Japan will also be a good chance for him. "I want to stand on the podium again in Fukuoka first. Then, I want to achieve good results in both my individual and relay events at the Asian Games, which I consider the most important competition this year."