Chad le Clos after the gold medal: "The warrior spirit is back"

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Chad le Clos after the gold medal: "The warrior spirit is back"

This is the moment that Chad le Clos has been waiting and living for for a long time. In the 25 meter event of the World Swimming Championships, the South African won the gold medal. In spite of the fact that his form in the last few years has been disappointing, it was worth waiting for this moment.

After such an important victory, Le Clos was unable to hide his emotions. The result of this fight was worth all the effort he put in over a long period of time.
"This is four years in the making,"- Chad le Clos said, as quoted by

"The warrior spirit is back. It was always there but I had to find a way of channel it again."

Chad le Clos and his coach

Chad le Clos found the right coach and the right recipe to achieve what he had been waiting for a long time.

Once again he proved his quality and how serious a swimmer he is. "I know winning isn’t everything, but I have taken a lot of losses lately and been written off by people that are close to me. I moved to coaches that believed in me.

It didn’t matter who was there tonight, I was prepared to die out there... and to remind these guys that I am still here."- he concluded. His goal is to break Lochte's record, and he will need three more titles to do so.

However, le Clos believes that he is capable of achieving what he set out to do.
"That’s what I am here for. I need three more golds and I will be the best short-course swimmer in history." A great swimmer who can do a lot. We hope that he will succeed in his goals. It won't be easy, but he's great.