Daiya Seto banned for extramarital affair!

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Daiya Seto banned for extramarital affair!

Japanese Daiya Stao has been banned until the end of 2020 for an extramarital affair! In addition, he will no longer be the captain of his team, but he will be able to participate in Tokyo 2021: "I'm starting all over again for my family to regain confidence," he said.

Seto violated the code of ethics and was punished. The swimmer violated the code by cheating on his wife, as the same swimmer who asked for forgiveness then publicly admitted: "How can I apologize? I asked myself but I think the only way to be forgiven is to keep swimming and regain the trust of my family, who have been hurt by my irresponsible behavior."

Therefore the Japanese swimming champion Daiya Seto has been suspended by the federation of his country for violation of the ethical code of sporting conduct and will not be able to take part in any type of official activity of the Japanese national team until the end of 2020.

Daiya Seto banned for extramarital affair!

The decision was made by the federal ethics committee and it was produced by her extramarital affair which was admitted by the swimmer. However, Seto was not deprived of the possibility of competing in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021, the swimmer won the qualification for the Olympics last year.

Although this situation certainly won't help him, at least mentally, in preparing for next summer's big appointment. Seto, at the beginning of October before being suspended from federnuoto, had resigned from the role of captain of the Olympic swimming team, probably because he knew that due to this extramarital affair, which had been made known by a weekly.

Daiya Seto is one of the greatest swimmers of this era. He won a bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics, but won four hour medals at the World Championships, obtained between 2013 and 2019. Meanwhile, as we told you some weeks ago, Tania Cagnotto says goodbye to diving.

The Italian diver announced it with a post via Instagram. Surprisingly, given that last February she declared that she dreamed of becoming the standard-bearer in Tokyo 2020. The greatest European diver in history with 20 gold medals, the first and only world champion, in 2015 of the discipline is the woman she would have liked to challenge girls half her age (36) said stop.

Retired in the spring of 2017, returning a year ago after becoming a mother Tania admitted: "I won't hide it, I'd like to be the standard-bearer at the Tokyo Olympics next year ." But no, the lockdown led her to reflect and choose a family.

But winking at a return as a coach. Tania's Instagram message: "Here we are .. I told you that around September I would decide whether or not to continue my way to Tokyo. It was a really difficult choice ... On the one hand the desire to participate in my 6th Olympics as mothers with the great dream of carrying the flag and on the other the desire to expand the family.

Well yes, this time I chose life, family and shortly after fate wanted to give me a new life inside of me, already happy for my choice.