Bosnian swimmer Lana Pudar (16) won gold at the European Championship!

"This season was very hard and long, but also successful"

by Sead Dedovic
Bosnian swimmer Lana Pudar (16) won gold at the European Championship!

Lana Pudar is one of the greatest potentials in the world swimming scene. A girl who is only 16 years old managed to win gold at the European Championships in Rome for her country: Bosnia and Herzegovina and show that she is a great talent.

This Bosnian woman could not hide her amazement after the gold medal; "Greetings to all my Bosnians and Herzegovinas, and especially my Mostars. I am very happy and proud of this success. I have to thank the team of people who work with me.

This is really proof that we are doing the right things, that we are doing it right and that everything it's going according to plan. I hope that in the future I will achieve more and much better successes like this. Many thanks to everyone for your support and greetings from Rome," said Lana.

Her coach Damir Đedović is also grateful for the support that has existed since the first day. Damir and Lana gave their best. The trainings were hard, but in the end, all the effort and work paid off. "A big thank you to everyone for the immense support and love you show us, not only tonight, but also in the previous period.

Thank you very much once again, we will have a press conference in Mostar on Saturday and that's what we will have from stories and media coverage in in the coming period. As soon as Lana comes to Mostar, she goes on vacation, we have practically been without a single day off since February, so I thank you for the understanding you will show, above all for Lana," said the coach of the BiH swimmer Damir Đedović.

Lana Pudar after the gold medal

Lana Pudar was welcomed in her country after the gold medal. The reception was great and a large number of people showed up in the city where it all started. "A big greeting to everyone and thank you for the applause and for coming.

Thanks to the media, who are responsible for the fact that my result resonated in the country and outside it. I really need a rest now and I'm a bit fed up with everything," Pudar joked. "This season was very hard and long, but also successful.

So thank you to all the people who support me, my team, family and friends We don't live in a country that is in a good state and finances are always a problem, but I have never felt that problem and I thank everyone for that." - she said at the press conference, as quoted by