Pep Guardiola on Erling Haaland: "It's been hot and warm but.."

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Pep Guardiola on Erling Haaland: "It's been hot and warm but.."

Erling Haaland coped well with his arrival in England. Many have high expectations from the Norwegian, which he will want to fulfill. Haaland is an ambitious footballer who wants to become the best in the world one day. Pep Guardiola was also aware of this when he decided to bring Erling Haaland to Manchester City.

The next challenge for City is Newcastle United. Pep Guardiola has high expectations from Haaland and expects the best from his team. "When you have a striker and you play against two central defenders and two holding midfielders, you are surrounded by four or five players and it's the most difficult job in the world.

Maybe in some games, we will find this type of defence but with time he will make the right movements with the right tempo and the ball will come to him. But he still made an incredible assist for the first goal and step by step he is going to understand." There are many who are not satisfied with Erling Haaland and his performance, but the Spanish coach does not bother too much about it.

He is aware of who he has on the team. "Erling played the 90 minutes against West Ham his first for four months. So step by step for him. It's been hot and warm but step by step he will find the connection with our players. The guy has goals in his body but everybody is involved scoring goals."

Phil Foden and Bernardo Silva

After the last match, there was a lot of talk about Phil Foden and why he didn't want to pass the ball to Erling Haaland.

"He didn't see him I guess but now he has to know Erling will be there all the time. In the past with a false 9 maybe not, but now this guy lives there. We just need time to know each other and always be there." There is also a lot of talk about the departure of Bernardo Silva.

Guardiola recently confirmed that he does not decide on some things and that if the player wants to go, it is difficult to stand in his way. Frank McAvennie believes that it will not come to that. “I don’t think so.

They’ve just let two players go to Arsenal so I wouldn’t think they’ll be wanting to let any more go. I think he’s a damn good player as well. So I wouldn’t think they would want to let him leave”.

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