Adama Traore- The strongest football player in the world?

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Adama Traore- The strongest football player in the world?

The Spaniards, who do not follow the Premier League - and it seems that there are many of them - enjoyed a prime time last night, following the match of their national team against neighboring Portugal. The result is 0: 0, and the media across the country are in ecstasy.

And a statement that looks like this in sublimation: it's nice to have a player like this! Adam Traore made his debut for Spain yesterday at the age of 24, he recorded the first half-hour in a jersey with the national coat of arms, and the first impression is that there will be many more.

The brand describes him as a mixture of a 400-meter sprinter and an NFL wrestler, does not shy away from the assessment that football aesthetics is not what adorns him, and yet claims that Spain has never had such a player before, and that in the future Traore could be a great strength of the team.

Traore is one of the best players in Wolverhampton, he is considered a serious Premier League star, but how he left Spain as a teenager in the Pyrenees, not many details about him are known. The local newspapers remind that he has his roots in Mali, that he grew up in the Hospital playing football on the street with boys who are still his best friends, and that he must have dreamed of what happened to him in Lisbon on October 7, 2020, from an early age.

La Masia

He was educated in La Masia, played for Barcelona at the age of eight, and underwent the famous training "Clases del Barça", a tradition that the club has nurtured for years, which means that club icons hold training for the youngest participants.

Traore was trained by Xavi and Iniesta. And all this in the main field of Camp Nou. "You can't imagine how the boy's heart was beating ... I asked Andres how old he started training at Barca. Like I was 11 or 12. I was happy, I was only eight at the time and convinced I was into something better than him.

" In two seasons with the Wolves, Traore played 95 games. He was never injured, despite the insane explosiveness that adorns him. The experts were confused ... What's the secret? Long-term and year-round physical preparations with a personal trainer who has been his shadow for years.

"I'm often at the gym. It's necessary for me because of genetics. No, I don't lift weights. It's just that my muscles grow easily and quickly. I do some other exercises. My personal trainer taught me that every person has to find what they need."

"I work mostly on the torso and shoulders. The secret? It's not there, you just need to know your body," Adam Traore told AS recently.