Jurgen Klopp after Darwin Nunez's red card: We will talk about it

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Jurgen Klopp after Darwin Nunez's red card: We will talk about it

Darwin Nunez caused great euphoria among Liverpool fans with his arrival. The great Uruguayan had an excellent season in Benfica, which aroused the interest of Jurgen Klopp. The Reds succeeded in their task, they brought Nunez, but what happened to him in the match against Crystal Palace caused anger among the fans.

Joachim Andersen, defender of Crystal Palace managed to provoke Darwin Nunez and in the end, Nunez received a red card. In addition, Nunez will not play the next three games due to violent conduct. Dietmar Hamann, a former Liverpool player, commented on this situation in an interview with talkSPORT; "I think he just walked into him.

It wasn’t even a headbutt, he just walked into the defender. If it was a proper headbutt I can understand it, to extend the ban, but he just walked into him, three games is enough." Hamman believes that Nunez should not have done that, but it seems that Anderson had a plan the whole time on how to provoke Nunez.

"He shouldn't do that though I agree. When I first saw it in real-time I thought the defender maybe made a little more than it was. Afterwards, you saw he hit him on the chin. "I'm not sure there is extensive force with his head I think he just walked into him.

Of course he shouldn't do it and he let himself down and his team down."

Jurgen Klopp on Darwin Nunez's move

In an interview with sky sports, Jurgen Klopp admitted that Nunez made a mistake, but also that there was a provocation from the defender.

"There was provocation but it was definitely the wrong reaction. "It was a clear red card. We cannot deny that. Unfortunately [he is out] for a few games now and that is not cool for us in our specific situation but that is how it is.

Klopp revealed that he will speak to Nunez because of what he did. "I haven't [spoken to Nunez] yet, but of course I will. I won't speak with him for three games? I came in and wanted to see the situation, I didn't know what happened in the game.

I saw Andersen on the floor and Darwin walking away, that was my picture." Andersen received many messages after last night's match. "Got maybe 3-400 of these messages last night. I understand you support a team but have some respect and stop acting tough online." Hope Instagram and the Premier League do something about this."

Jurgen Klopp