Max Allegri: "Winning the title is a duty"

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Max Allegri: "Winning the title is a duty"

Juventus manager Max Allegri, in the press conference before the first daymatch of Italian Serie A of Juve, talked about the match against Sassuolo and the club's ambitions. Allegri explained: "I understand that the fans are not in the best mood.

We played 3 important friendlies and the last defeat against Atletico did us good because it made us raise our antennas. Juventus is a team that has the duty to aim to win, even if winning is difficult because there are very well equipped teams.

We have to work in silence, improve the team and it is a job we are doing every day. The team is calm, serene and enthusiastic. We have worked well this month but what matters is tomorrow night's match. We will play against a Sassuolo who beat us at home last year: we will have to play a good match, the conditions are not optimal but this is normal.

For the training Rabiot and Kean are out for suspension. Will not be available Szczesny, Aké, Pogba, Chiesa, who will be in optimal condition in January, Arthur, who has a problem with his ankle and there are market rumors about him, and Kaio.

McKennie is available. Can Kostic play a regular? Filip is a player who crosses very well, he has excellent ball control. I still have to decide if he will play between him, McKennie and Cuadrado: they will play two from the first minute, but the game is long and there are changes.

McKennie we throw him on the field, then we see. How is Dusan Vlahovic? Good. He came back after the problem he had this summer and it is normal that it takes a moment of patience before finding him at 100%. He has the potential and the skills to have a great season and he will certainly do it.

I don't remember the last time my team defended at three. Barzagli, in one of his last matches of him, told me that he would at least stop playing a full-back. Bremer? I am happy with what he is doing, every day he comes to the field to improve himself.

You have to take one step at a time, things change. Last season we played an extraordinary second round until the match against Inter, we had to chase after a wrong start. The matches are now different from those of October, tomorrow we need a Juventus match. "