Robert Lewandowski: "I know that I have hurt many fans"

"I needed a change, going to another country and moving to another club. I feel like a child who got a new toy".

by Sead Dedovic
Robert Lewandowski: "I know that I have hurt many fans"

Robert Lewandowski broke all records at his presentation. As many as 57 thousand fans were in the stands. "The feeling is incredible! I didn't expect there to be so many fans. And it doesn't matter to me that there were more fans at my presentation than when Ronaldinho or Ibrahimović were promoted.

Those were different times anyway. But, it's really nice when you get that kind of support. It will remain in your memory forever," the Pole told Sport 1. "I needed a change, going to another country and moving to another club.

I feel like a child who got a new toy". Lewandowski is sad because his father cannot see the success that the Pole has made. "Dad would be very proud and pleased. When I was a child, he always told me that he believed that one day I would reach the highest level.

He motivated me to achieve my dreams. I miss him and I'm sad that he couldn't experience all that, all that I achieved in Dortmund, Munich or what I will do in Barcelona. However, I'm sure he's sitting up there in the first row and looking at me proudly." It was not easy to leave the Bavarian giant.

"It was strange to go to training for the last time. The club and the city mean a lot to me, my two daughters were born in Munich. I said goodbye to everyone in the club. There are no two opinions about the period I spent at Bayern.

Just one thing. What we have done and experienced together, as a team, in eight years - no one will and cannot take that away from us. When I think of the five goals against Wolfsburg, 41 goals in the Bundesliga, six trophies with Hansi Flick - those were wonderful moments".


Lewandowski did not want his farewell to Bayern to be filled with negative things. "It is, as it is. We wrote history together and I always gave 100 percent. Everyone in the club knows that. Mutual respect and gratitude kept us going.

Bayern will always be in my heart. When I said goodbye, I exchanged friendly words and shook hands with people from the management. In the end, the positives outweigh the negatives. I spoke again with Hasan Salihamidžić, Oliver Kahn, and also with Uli Hoenes, who told me that I can always call him if I need anything.

That was a very nice gesture, he is a great man and I am grateful to him, but also to everyone else. It was important to me that there should be no negative things at the farewell," said Levandovski and added: "I will miss a lot - the club, the fans, the city, above all the atmosphere in the dressing room.

I built a connection with my teammates, with the employees. But I am a person who looks to the future, it was time to start a new chapter". The situation was very complicated and many hard words were spoken, but Robert just wanted to leave the club, which did not allow him to leave at the time.

"I know that I have hurt many fans with my statements. I can understand them and I apologize to them on this occasion. At that moment, it was important for me to make it clear to him that I was ready for a change. After all, we're all human, right? After 12 years in Germany, I knew it was over.

I wanted to be crystal clear, because it was not easy for Bayern to accept the sale. It was a difficult situation for everyone involved in the story and we had to find the best solution".