Ricardo Quaresma: "Cristiano Ronaldo has to decide what's best for him"

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Ricardo Quaresma: "Cristiano Ronaldo has to decide what's best for him"

Ricardo Quaresma talked about his countryman Cristiano Ronaldo, who are looking for a new club to try and play in the next Uefa Champions League after a troubled year at Manchester United. Quaresma said: "Cristiano is old enough to know what he wants and what he doesn't want.

It is up to Cristiano to decide what is best for him." Quaresma commented on the chances of winning the World Cup in Portugal: "It is difficult and we must have our feet on the ground because there are very strong teams.

The selection is very well made up of these young people and then there is Cristiano in front. Our youngsters. they have a lot of qualities, they play in big clubs and they play for real, they are not just passing through. They are important in the teams they are in and prepared for the heights.

" Regarding his professional life, Quaresma added: "There are still a few years to play. I have received proposals, but we have to think about everything, wife, children, what is best. It won't take long to decide, but I will hardly be back to play in the league.


Maurizio Sarri on CR7

Italian manager of Lazio and former manager of Chelse and Juventus, said about CR7: "Cristiano Ronaldo? My regret is not having been able to coach him when he was young. When I had him at Juventus he was already a world icon.

With me he scored 33 goals in the league, I like a football in which everyone is at the service of the team, but it is not easy to convince a champion with those turnovers to change path. At Juventus I needed more time, I was too little to affect heavily.

The same goes for Chelsea. In addition, today everything is more difficult, individualism is increasingly affirmed and this does not apply only to football: it is a generational change, I do not like it and it requires adaptations, I have changed too.

Mourinho? I like him, but we're different. Our differences mainly depend on our origins: I started with amateurs, he directly from Barcelona. There is a big difference between Stia and Barcelona."

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