Soccer player arrested for robbery

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Soccer player arrested for robbery

Idriss Ben Moussa, 21 years old former soccer player of Italian Seria A club AC Fiorentina, who, according to the Italian media is also registered as an escort on the site, was arrested for robbery. The fact happened in Rome.

Contacted by a customer, the boy would be offered 100 euros in exchange for a service and return home. During the meeting, Ben Moussa, again according to the Italian media, would have beaten a customer, to snatch an envelope with a thousand euros inside, the iPhone headphones and the Rolex.

Soccer player arrested for robbery

At that point the police officers intervened, since the fight did not take place inside an apartment, from which the two had left, but in the car. The footballer was arrested. At the end of the trial by direct line, Idriss returned free without any kind of precautionary measure after the validation of the arrest.

The player said during the hearing that he is planning a match next week to sign a professional contract with Fiorentina. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, the appointment would have been at 8.00 pm in Piazza Euclide, in Rome.

The client would have seen Ben Moussa very nervous. The two, after getting dressed, would then return to the car. An argument arises that soon becomes a fight, Idriss threatens to pull out a knife and says he wants Rolex and money.

The scene is filmed by the policemen, the boy escapes. But his escape lasts a few meters and ends with his arrest.