Ivan Perisic on the details of the agreement with Tottenham

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Ivan Perisic on the details of the agreement with Tottenham
Ivan Perisic on the details of the agreement with Tottenham (Provided by Sport World News)

Ivan Perisic became a new Tottenham player a few months ago. Many are delighted with this transfer considering the qualities that Perisic possesses. Although the transfer was a bit 'strange', it seems that Perisic will be the ideal solution for Antonio Conte.

Contacts between Tottenham and Croat existed back in March, but Ivan was not sure if he would accept the offer. It seems that the biggest role was played by the fact whether Tottenham will play in the Champions League. After securing a place in the strongest competition in the world, the Croat had no doubt whether to accept the offer.

'I think our first contact was in March,’ Perisic told Sky Sports. ‘And the second one was when I think they won against Arsenal, and it was obvious that maybe they’re going to reach the Champions League.

‘I always wanted to play in the Champions League and my wish was also to try to come to the Premier League.
‘When they reached the Champions League, we spoke and the deal was done in two days, and it was much easier.’

Ivan Perisic-Luka Modric

Although Perisic was aware of what kind of club Tottenham is and what qualities they have, he still felt the need to ask others for their opinion.

His colleague from the national team, Luka Modric, praised his former club. ‘The first time I spoke with the manager, I also called Luka [Modric] later,’ he added. ‘I said to him that there is a possibility that I might come to his ex-club and he said to me all of the positive things about the club.'

Tottenham have improved a lot since Luka Modric left the club to become one of the best midfielders in the world. Tottenham now has a new stadium, a new training center and they are also financially very strong. They will have great ambitions this season as well under the leadership of Antonio Conte.

Although TOP 4 is the primary goal, we will see if they can do more this time. ‘He used to play at the old stadium and he used to train on the old training camp but everything is new here now, everything is much better and much more modern.

‘We’re going to wear the same number (14). I asked him for his permission and he said, ‘Okay, you can take it’, and yeah it was fun.’ An interesting season in the Premiership awaits us.