Jorginho: "Chelsea worst opponent is Chelsea itself"

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Jorginho: "Chelsea worst opponent is Chelsea itself"

Jorginho, Chelsea's Italian midfielder, during an interview with Sky Sport, spoke about the imminent start of the English Premier League and his club's chances of winning the title. Chelsea will play away at Everton on Saturday.

Jorginho said: "We will both play to win. They were saved in the end and have a lot of enthusiasm, but we want to make up for last year's defeat. I feel good, it's a period of hard work, with temperatures that are not usual for London.

I am very motivated for another season with this shirt, which is a dream for every child in Brazil, as it was for me. Koulibaly at Chelsea? I think it was a very positive signing for the club, because he is not just a player strong who will help us a lot on the pitch, but I think he will help us a lot in the locker room, considering the person he is.

He's an exceptional guy."

Jorginho: "Chelsea worst opponent is Chelsea itself"

In the same interview, the Italian star of Chelsea explained also: "During the negotiations for his passage I called him pushing him to come.

And I'm very happy that he is Can Chelsea be played for the title? Every year you ask me this question and every year I repeat the same thing: to reach such an important goal you have to think about today. We have many things to improve from last year.

acqui sti, some have left and we will miss them. We have the return of Chilwell. There is a lot of motivation to work. The goal for me is clear, is to look to the first game and win it. Chelsea's big opponent is Chelsea, because if we don't fight, if we don't do better than last year, if we don't improve, if we aren't humble to recognize where we went wrong and do better, what are we talking about? We sit in front of the TV and watch the championship. "

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