Christian Eriksen reveals details of negotiations with Manchester United

“It was very positive from the first few phone calls already"

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Eriksen reveals details of negotiations with Manchester United

Christian Eriksen has arrived in the red part of Manchester. Much is expected from the Dane and the fans hope that Eriksen will be one of the main links of this team. In a conversation with the British media, Eriksen revealed that there was interest from United even while he was playing at Spurs.

“Even when I was at Spurs, I've spoken to every manager who's been here at Man United to see what the situation was,” said Eriksen, as quoted by dailymail. “But I was at Spurs at the time and I really couldn't see myself playing in another English team at that time.

I went abroad and went to Inter. “So, it's been on the books, well, not on the books but it's been spoken about. For me, it wasn't the right timing, it wasn't there and I was at a place at Spurs for a long time and I wanted to try something abroad and I went to Inter and ended up having a lovely time.

“But then obviously something happened in the summer and that changed a bit the career path I had in mind, and then obviously to come back to Brentford, first of all, and then to be here is something I didn't think could happen a year ago.

“(Returning to Tottenham) was only talk, they never really came with anything so it wasn't really a thing for me to go back to Tottenham at the time and Man United were very early on, very positive and I had good conversations.

“It was very positive from the first few phone calls already and the club felt like they wanted me, so it was on for a long time”.

Eriksen believes in himself

Christian Eriksen made his debut against Atletico Madrid in a friendly and revealed he never lost faith in his abilities.

“In that sense, no, I've always trusted my football abilities,” he said. “And there have always been different clubs. “Obviously, I was at Brentford last season, it was a bit new for me but it went well, I had a lovely time but going to Manchester after, on the fan base and the club, it's the biggest.

“It's a historical and a special club to be at and the vibe even from going to Norway, the fanbase over there was incredible. “Obviously, to play at home it's special but I've never thought, I've had feelings of going or not going, but I never thought it was going to happen. So to be playing in a home shirt here at Old Trafford is special”.

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