Xavi: I hope that Leo Messi will return next summer

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Xavi: I hope that Leo Messi will return next summer

Barcelona is preparing for the new season in a great way. They brought in 5 great reinforcements and it looks like they don't intend to stop there. There is also a lot of talk about the return of Leo Messi. Xavi told the Spanish media more: "I've already said it, but I'll say it again.

It's utopia to focus on Leo. I wish Messi never had to leave the club. I think he deserves a new chance, the last one, but only from next year. He's currently under contract. Yes, I would very much wanted him to come back," Xavi said in an interview with Spanish media.

Barcelona have two friendly matches, one against the New York Red Bulls and the other against the Mexican Pumas. "We don't play exhibition matches. For us, there are no friendly duels, only opportunities. Every minute on the field is a test.

It's about prestige, the competition is great, the fight for minutes..." he said.
One of Barca's main goals will remain investing in young players. "We have very quality young players, comparable to our era of Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Valdes, capable of marking the future of this club." Xavi did an excellent job after the departure of Ronald Koeman.

This season, the goals will be even bigger. Trophies will of course remain what Barcelona strives for. "Even if we hadn't brought the players we brought, the pressure would have been huge. I'm happy that many of the demands we discussed with Mateo and the president have been fulfilled.

The pressure is reaching its peak, but I'm not afraid. The main goal this season is titles and I don't hide it." Great criticism has been directed at the management of Barcelona, ​​who are spending huge amounts of money this summer.

Many believe that this could lead the club to an even bigger crisis. "We within the club do not have that feeling. We sign players with the feeling that we are doing the right things. How did the management manage all this? They are trying to balance...

Of course, without breaking any rules."

Formation, Lewandowski and Kounde

Most expect that Xavi will try with a 3-4-3 formation next season. "Will we play 3-4-3? That is certainly one of the challenges of the coming season.

We already practiced that formation on a couple of occasions last competitive year." The arrival of Robert Lewandowski caused great euphoria in Catalonia. "Lewandowski is a top reinforcement. He makes a difference even when he doesn't score goals.

Due to his incredible positioning, he constantly gets into chances. We brought in a top-class player." Jules Kounde is one of the players who arrived. Xavi believes that he will be of great help. "We have more central defenders at our disposal.

I spoke with Kounde. He came to compete, to make a difference and I think he can do that. He has leadership skills. I am happy about his arrival. He will give us more opportunities, strength. He can also play on the side, as Araujo. This implies that the competition will be even stronger."

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