Joan Laporta on Bernardo Silva: I know some people from Manchester City


Joan Laporta on Bernardo Silva: I know some people from Manchester City

Joan Laporta is under fire for spending too much money. Many believe that such a policy could lead Barcelona to bankruptcy, given that they are already in debt. However, Laporta denies such allegations and the sale of TV rights for the next 20+ years has affected that Barca has enough money.

Laporta also responded to criticism from Julian Naglesmann "I would ask them to focus on their account, they got good money for Lewandowski. For those who are surprised, I would say that we are quite alive and back on the market.

And there could be more surprises," said Laporta . There is a lot of talk about the arrival of Bernardo Silva. He would be a huge boost for a club like Barcelona. Laporta only aroused the imagination of the fans even more with the following statement; "Bernardo Silva? A very good player.

I respect that he belongs to Manchester City. I have some friends there, like Pep Guardiola, Bergstein and Al Mubarak. There are many people I know," emphasized Laporta. Barcelona have Chelsea duo Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso on their radar.

Laporta praised their qualities, but still did not want to talk much about them. "The two at Barca? They are under contract with Chelsea and we respect that as well as their new owner. I also have respect for Alonso and Azpilicueta, they are very, very good players.

They show quality and talent, but I don't want to talk about them ."

Laporta on Kounde and De Jong

Joan talked about the new reinforcement: Jules Kounde. Although Chelsea was close to completing the deal with this player, Barcelona was still more specific.

"The player gave us an advantage over Chelsea as he understood that we have a viable project with a coach he likes. In this case we had an advantage over our competitor. The player also helped us in this specific job." Frenkie de Jong has been one of the topics for several months.

The Dutchman is being linked with Manchester United and it seemed that this transfer could be completed. Laporta gave his opinion; "You never know in football. Everything depends on many individuals. I can say that there is a great possibility that he will stay and I will do everything to make it so." It seems that the main problem is the salary cut that Barca wants, while de Jong is against it.

"The first thing I want to say is that we want him to stay in Barcelona and he wants that too. What we are trying with him is the same as what we are doing with the rest of the team, but we cannot force him to accept a pay cut. It is his decision."

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