Matthijs De Ligt: "I chose Juve to play offensive, but it went differently"

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Matthijs De Ligt: "I chose Juve to play offensive, but it went differently"

Matthijs De Ligt, Bayern Munich's new soccer player, attacked hard, and perhaps in an exaggerated and wrong way, his experience at Juventus. He explained: "I chose to go to Juve with the idea of ​​playing more offensive football because the coach was Sarri: he has a great reputation for what he did with Napoli and Chelsea and I thought I would find a style more similar to Ajax.

Unfortunately after a year he went away. I think I feel better on the center-right, I feel more comfortable. At the beginning at Juve it was difficult to play on the left, then in the middle of the season Bonucci and I reversed.

good couple, we won the Scudetto. In the second and third years I went back to playing often on the left. It's not that I didn't want to play with it, mind you, but I knew I was safer playing on the right. Development.

At Ajax I pressed very hard, I took risks. At Juve it was different. I played more backward, a different way of defending. The pace in Italy in general is slower, so you can stay behind. won Juve in Italy, I think it's the right way."

Also Buffon expressed on De Ligt

Gianluigi Buffon, captain of Parma, and former Juventus legend said: "I'm sorry to see De Ligt away from Juventus because Matthijs was the classic player and future captain of Juve for skill, quality and character.

Too bad, but if it was his will: amen. Bremer has just returned from an amazing championship, in which he was elected best defender of Serie A. The leap to Juve is big and maybe a bit of duty will pay for it. It also happened to De Ligt.

But Bremer's potential does not I'm in discussion. I'm sorry for the great Paul Pogba for the injury. Pogba who made a very right choice by returning to Turin. For him Juventus is special as a team and as an environment. Pogba, when he recovers, will be an avatar in Serie A."