Thomas Tuchel furious with the players: "The worrying part is the.."

It was not our strongest line-up and this is part of an explanation, but only a little part"

by Sead Dedovic
Thomas Tuchel furious with the players: "The worrying part is the.."

Chelsea lost to Arsenal in the pre-season match, 4:0. Thomas Tuchel was not happy with what he saw and looked disappointed. "I think we deserved to lose - which is fair enough - because we were simply not good enough," he said for skysports.

"We were absolutely not competitive. The worrying part is the level of commitment, physically and mentally, for this match was not the same, it was far higher for Arsenal than us. Tuchel found an excuse for the defeat, but he still stands by what he said.

"We can argue they played with I think their strongest line-up; they've had now together several weeks and for more than one year. They've strengthened their line-up, played the same structure, and this is the line-up they'll try to start Premier League games.

"It was not our strongest line-up and this is part of an explanation, but only a little part. The other part is worrying." There is a lot of talk about the arrival of Jules Kounde, but for now, nothing concrete is happening.

"There is no update, no update," Tuchel said. "The analysing of the season does not change because of this game. "Unfortunately, it proved my point and the last week proves my point. I would prefer to not be right and I did everything to prove myself wrong, but at the moment I feel I was right when I look at the last season and at the parts of the game where we struggled and how we struggled.

"We got sanctioned and players left us, we know that some players are trying to leave us, and this is where it is. We had an urgent appeal for quality players and a huge amount of quality players. We've got two quality players - that is no doubt - but we are not competitive like this and unfortunately, we could see it today." Tuchel seems to be in fear before the start of the season because his team did not show the necessary quality.

It seems that they could have problems in the future. "At the moment, given the last two weeks, given our last week and given the game today we should not mention the two teams in front of us," he said. "We got, like, absolutely beaten by a team that does not play Champions League next season, that is behind us.

And it seems at the moment far ahead of us."

America Tour

The America tour turned out to be bad for Chelsea. What makes them optimistic is that sometimes pre-season games are not the best indicator of real quality. "It was long.

It was long, for sure," he said. "Also hard. It was long and we could see - we could feel the energy, the energy level dropped after Las Vegas and after the Charlotte game because of a lot of travelling. And very humid and very hot temperature made it tough because we are now two weeks on the road.

"So yeah, that's also a point, but it's not the only point, it's a little point in the explanation why we did not look fresh. I did not expect it today. Also we lowered a bit the intensity and volume in training over the last days but not in a way that we could expect to have fresh legs. So that was not the biggest surprise. But there's a difference between being tired and playing like this."

Thomas Tuchel