Dani Alves on war, racism and leaving Barcelona

"I didn't leave sad. I'm happy about returning to Barcelona"

by Sead Dedovic
Dani Alves on war, racism and leaving Barcelona

Dani Alves spoke to the Guardian and the interview started with unusual topics. Alves touched on the time of pandemics and the war that followed. "People have lost their fear of death, but also their respect for others. Nothing has changed, unfortunately.

I wish it had, however, we came out of the pandemic believing that many things would be better, and what followed was war. People didn't change, they continued to fight for power, and disrespect grew. Whoever did stupid things in life and on the Internet, today they do it even more because they have an audience," Alves said, as quoted by guardian.

Racism is a huge problem in the world, and Alves referred to Nelson Piquet's racist insult towards Lewis Hamilton "Such things bother me. I won't go into it too much, because pushing a drunk downhill is easy, but it's not just because of that statement.

What happened is extreme, because if a Formula 1 champion is attacked, imagine what it's like for people on the lower rungs of society I pray for them, because they are prevented from being somebody, from getting a chance".

Dani Alves wanted to stay

Dani Alves wanted to stay in Barcelona, but the club management decided that it was time to say goodbye. However, he is happy about his return. "I didn't leave sad. I'm happy about returning to Barcelona, ​​because for five years I thought how nice it would be if it happened.

The only thing I didn't like was the way the parting happened". The club has been in huge problems for several years, and given that the previous administration created huge debts. "Since I came back, I have clearly told them that I am no longer twenty years old and that I want to talk openly, without hiding anything.

But Barcelona has collapsed as a club in previous years. They no longer care about the people who wrote the history of the club. As a fan of Barcelona, ​​I would like to do many things differently. I'm not talking about myself, because my situation had a different scenario.

I will be eternally grateful to Xavi and the president (Joan Laporta) for bringing me back. I found many young people with great ideas related to the field, but Barcelona must improve its work off it. The current awareness is completely different from the one we have been building for years. And everything that happens on the field is a reflection of what is done outside it," the Brazilian states,