What happened this summer regarding the transfer of Jadon Sancho

Jaydon Sancho's representatives flatly rejected both offers - at the beginning

by Sead Dedovic
What happened this summer regarding the transfer of Jadon Sancho

The biggest saga of the transfer period, summer/autumn 2020, did not get its final epilogue. The "recording" of the January sequel is currently in the fog. Until then, Jaydon Sancho will remain a dream of Manchester United fans and management, that is, the joy of the Yellow Wall.

For months, there have been rumors in the media that Dortmund and United are conducting intensive negotiations. Day after day, week after week, the name of the young Englishman filled the columns of the sports press and portals around the world, only to eventually turn out that the Devils weren’t actually even close to concluding a big deal.

According to The Athletic, as soon as the initial calculation of the job reached a dizzying figure of 227,000,000 pounds (compensation + salary) in Manchester, they were aware that they would not succeed in their intention to hire Sancho.

The same source also states that the club from Old Trafford did not want to disrupt the salary structure at any cost, so they initially offered the super-talented winger even a lower salary than his package in Dortmund (fixed income + bonuses and premiums).

The second offer at the beginning of August coincided with what Sancho has in Dortmund

Two offers were rejected

Jaydon Sancho's representatives flatly rejected both offers - at the beginning, it was said that his wish was the region of Paul Pogba, ie around 250,000 pounds - and Manchester lost a lot of time there.

Seeing that the English are approaching what the player is looking for, the people from Dortmund sent an ultimatum to United: either everything will be finished by August 10, or there is nothing from the transfer. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's hopes were still fading, they thought in Manchester that Dortmund was just rushing them, but it would turn out that Hans Joachim Watzke did not threaten to empty ...

When in the second week of September, United finally "added" to the figure that Sancho wants, the only problem was compensation. According to the media, that number grew, but in essence, it never moved from 80,000,000 pounds + bonuses, claims The Athletic.

And that last offer arrived in Dortmund in the last week of September. Dortmund didn't even consider it. The Athletic also learned from its election that the 108,000,000 pounds, which Borussia allegedly insisted on, was in fact only a minimal figure, "for the purposes of negotiations".

The real price for which Sancho would get permission to leave was 133,000,000 pounds. United have started this season desperately and it is questionable whether they would be better off with Sancho on the team. One thing is for sure: Sancho is perhaps the greatest talent at the moment and he is expected to have a great career. We may find out what the epilogue will be in January or next summer.

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