Neymar reveals what helped him become a better player

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Neymar reveals what helped him become a better player

Neymar gave an interview to highsnobiety a few years ago in which he talked about his childhood and growing up. Highsnobiety reporters immediately asked Neymar if he had always been so happy and full of energy: "Since I was little, I have always been very cheerful and playful with everyone.

I like to enjoy myself!" Neymar had a wonderful childhood with many beautiful memories. "I did what every other boy of my age did and I have a lot of wonderful memories. I had a humble childhood, yes, but everything that my friends and I did was fun.

Playing with a ball in the street, on the beach, flying kites, riding bikes, tag, hide-and-seek. It was a very good time!" Neymar has shown many times that he loves music and dancing, and that is also his great love. "I have an aunt and uncle who play the cavaquinho (guitar), so there has always been music at home.

Samba, pagoda, gospel and other rhythms, could always be heard at home. And I’ve always liked dancing."

Neymar's father

His father was also a soccer player, and Neymar inherited his love for soccer from him. "I’m sure it had a big influence on me becoming a player.

Whenever I could, I went with my father to training and matches so I grew up in that environment. He was the one that taught me to play and gave me advice about football from when I was little. Even as a boy, he played futsal, which helped him become a better player.

"I played with a ball a lot in the street, on the beach, and Futsal has always been part of my life since I was small. It was the pitch I began to compete and train on. I think Futsal is essential for any player, because it makes you think very quickly, with short swerves and quick passing and shooting.

Futsal almost certainly helped me a lot, above all because I was a forward." Neymar still feels excitement before matches, just like when he was a boy. "I feel it! I still have that feeling in my stomach in a classico, in a championship final, in an important match." Neymar believes that individual skills should not prevail over team play.

"Football is a team game and I go onto the pitch to help my teammates. Of course, within the team individual talent helps and each team has to have it, but in the end the winner is the team."