Hakan Calhanoglu: I told Simone Inzaghi that he is the culprit for losing the title

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Hakan Calhanoglu: I told Simone Inzaghi that he is the culprit for losing the title

Hakan Calhanoglu spoke to Turkish media about his career and things that happen over the past year. His transfer from Milan to Inter caused a lot of criticism. "It was difficult to leave one and go to another club from the same city, but I worked hard on myself and I knew it was my chance to join the then reigning champion of Italy," said this great Turk.

He praised Inter and his fans who were his biggest support. "When my new team did not win the Scudetto, and the previous one did, people acted as if I was to blame for such an outcome. I am very happy at Inter, noting that Nerazzurri fans were also helpful.

I spent four years in Milan and during that time no one sang to me from the stands. "Unlike that, I get a standing ovation at Inter during the warm-up." Zlatan Ibrahimovic mocked Hakan Calhanoglu during the trophy celebrations, which angered this great midfielder.

"He is 40 years old, not 18. It would never have occurred to me to do something like that at his age. Ibra just likes to be the center of attention. He did not contribute at all to winning the Scudetto for Milan. He barely played, but he will do everything to turn the public's focus towards himself.


Hakan Calhanoglu on Ibrahimovic

He also revealed some details while Ibrahimovic and he played together in Milan. "While we were teammates, he kept calling me, asking us to go to dinners or motorcycle races. He also wrote about me in his autobiography.

He had to write something, otherwise, there would be white pages in the press. I tell you honestly, he better not have bothered. " Inter won the cup in the end, but they are surely angry about the Serie A trophy, for which they needed a little luck.

Hakan believes the biggest culprit is the coach; Simone Inzaghi who decided to leave Perisic and Calhanoglu out of the game. "Inter has a far stronger team than Milan. We lost the derby by replacing Ivan Perišić and me in the 75th minute.

Until that moment, we had the advantage, and it ended 2: 1 in favor of Rossoneri, which means that the coach (Simone Inzagi, op. Cit.) Contributed to the defeat and I told him directly. That is why we won Milan 3-0 in the semifinals of the Italian Cup ", concluded Calhanoglu. It will be interesting to see Inzaghi's reaction to Calhanoglo's words that he is the main culprit.