Zinedine Zidane on plans for the future: PSG, France, Florentino Perez

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Zinedine Zidane on plans for the future: PSG, France, Florentino Perez

In an interview with L 'Equip, Zinedine Zidane revealed his plans for the future: "To continue training. I still have a strong desire. And then, why wouldn't I be part of a project of which I am the director or the holder, "said the legendary Frenchman He also revealed what he could become in the coming period: "Club president or director of a company.

I have already founded the Z5 group, I lead it with family members, my brothers Garid, Nordin, Jame, and sister Lila take care of it the most. I wanted to start a project with people I love, who are competent, and whom I can trust.

The most important thing in life is to be surrounded by the right people. " Reporters wondered if he wanted to be the coach of the national team? "Of course I want! And I will be the coach, I hope, one day. It is not up to me when that will happen, however, I want to go through a complete cycle with France.

I experienced it as a player, it is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my career. Really! The pinnacle of football. Well, since I felt that as a football player, that's why I decided to be a coach. "


Zidane revealed whether he could become a coach after Deschamps: "I do not know.

If it happens - it will happen. Sooner or later ... If I said I wanted to lead France, then I stand by my words. Currently, the selection is in place. With clearly set goals. If at some point an opportunity arises then my wish will come true.

I repeat, it's not up to me. That is my biggest ambition. "Leading France is the most beautiful thing." There has been a lot of talk about Zidane and PSG and most think that this is his greatest wish: "Never say never.

Especially if you are a coach. Maybe I will train PSG one day. While I was playing football, I had a lot of options But as a coach, it's not like there are 50 teams I can lead. There are only two or three of them. " He also revealed how Florentino Perez arranged for Zidane to arrive.

"We were at a gala dinner in Monaco. At the table, he handed me a napkin on which he had previously written: "Do you want to come?" I wrote: "Yes"! I just wonder what I did in English. "