Nasser Al-Khelaifi on the departure of Neymar: Some will have to leave

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Nasser Al-Khelaifi on the departure of Neymar: Some will have to leave

Nasser Al-Khelaifi is probably the most famous president of the club next to Perez. Khelaifi invested a lot of money in PSG and made a top team, but what they still lack is the Champions League trophy. One of PSG’s biggest stars, Neymar, is reportedly about to leave the club.

Al-Khelaifi responded to such rumors: "We can't talk about such delicate issues in the media. Yes, some players are coming, some will have to leave. But these are internal things that we will talk about within the club," said Nasser Al-Khelaifi, thus creating suspicion among fans.

"We want players who love this club, who want to fight for its colors. We want those who like to win. For next season, the goal is clear - to give 200 percent every day. Then the results will come. We have to become more modest."

There is a lot of talks that PSG and Manchester City are financed by the countries, in this case, Qatar and the UAE, but Khelaifi believes that this is not a problem and that some clubs in Spain have more support. "I think that in Spain, the country supports some clubs more than ours.

For example, a magnificent stadium in the middle of the city for which the club pays nothing. We pay for everything - the stadium, the training center ... From my point of view, it's not fair."

PSG and ambitions

PSG has serious ambitions and is building a serious sports center that will be of great importance to them.

"It is the most important project for us. It will be the best sports city in the world. We want to find and promote the new Mbappe in it, to bring in the best players from Paris and France. In the foreseeable future, our idea is to have exclusively players from France."

The Super League is still the wish of the presidents of big clubs, but the question is how realistic it is at the moment. Naser believes that none of this will happen and that he is focused on the Champions League. "For me, it is a long-dead project.

But I don't understand some things. Real won the Champions League, won it deservedly, then celebrated that trophy for days and weeks, and on the other hand, that club says they don't want to play it. How you need something new.

If you're not happy and you don't like it - you don't have to play! It's the best competition in the world and I really don't know why the Spaniards are against it. I say, for me, the Super League is a thing of the past." Khelaifi underlined.