Director of Manchester United sat with the fans in the pub before their protest!

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Director of Manchester United sat with the fans in the pub before their protest!

Manchester United have had difficult times for the last 9 years, and they hope that with the arrival of Erik ten Hag, those times will pass. Bad results, players who do not take their job seriously, coaches who did not show consistency, the club's management, all this influenced the fans to express their dissatisfaction.

However, it seems that the Glazer family, who are also the owners of the club, are the biggest culprits for this situation. At least that's what Manchester United fans believe. For a long time, they have been expressing dissatisfaction by protesting with the goal of Glazers leaving the club and cutting off hands from Manchester United.

However, this will not be easy. The new man is now in the position of general manager: the opportunity to lead the club has been given to Richard Arnold since this year after the departure of Ed Woodward. He has been at Manchester United for many years, in many positions, he has become the general manager since February and the fans and the Glazers have high expectations from him.

What is fascinating is the sponsorship deals that Arnold has signed with partners; Chevrolet ($ 600 million) and Adidas ($ 1 billion and $ 300 million) He is now in a completely different role, in which he will have more pressure, which is sufficiently indicated by the fact that Manchester fans have decided to protest in front of his house.

However, he surprised many and decided to sit down with Manchester fans at a local pub and talk about the situation at the club. Manchester United fans have announced a protest in front of his house. Everything was ready, but Arnold was quick and before the protest he met them in a pub and talked.

It was not easy, as the fans immediately showed their dissatisfaction with the Glazer family and the rest of the management. However, the fans are still happy that he decided to sit with them and talk about the main problems.

This is a move for respect. Parts of the conversation have already 'leaked' on the Internet, where Arnold has revealed some plans for the clubs. Already at the start, he revealed that two players were a problem, more precisely that they revealed certain things to the press from the locker room.

These are players who left the club. Most believe it is Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingaard.


He also asked for tolerance and understanding from the fans, and believes he is the right man for the job. Arnold asked fans not to attack his club.

"He told us that attacks on sponsors only harm the club. We were glad because he confirmed to us that these actions have results if they hurt so much. We asked him what he would do if he were in our place and he told us that he understands our concern and that protests and messages against the owner and management of the club will be allowed inside the stadium while he is there.

He even encouraged us to continue with the peaceful protests that his predecessors were trying to quell, "one of the fans revealed. In addition, he revealed one important piece of information, and that is that Manchester United are not giving up on Frenkie de Jong.

"He told us that sports director Murto works every day from 8 am to 10 pm on the transfer of Frankie De Jong. He also confirmed to us that the club has 200 million pounds at its disposal to buy players in this transfer period.

He claims that he will not allow any of the important wishes to escape United this summer ", said one fan.
An interesting situation, we will see what United will be like next season.

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