Romelu Lukaku close to returning to Inter; Little details are left!

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Romelu Lukaku close to returning to Inter; Little details are left!

Inter could be a competitor for the title again next season, but also for bigger goals, considering that they are looking for a striker, and now their goal is to bring Romelu Lukaku back into their ranks. Until the Belgian is paired with Lautaro Martinez again, we are divided by small details, namely the 10 million euros that Chelsea is asking for a loan (for a year), but there are many other factors such as bonuses, players' wishes, managers, etc.

Inter took the first step and sent an offer of 5 million euros for a loan for one season, but that was not enough. The offer was rejected by Chelsea, with a brutal request: And that's 24 million euros for a one-year loan!

An amazing figure. However, it was clear that Inter would not agree to that, so Chelsea reduced their demands. Now it remains for the president of Inter to give permission for the arrival of the Belgian. Inter can be happy because Lukaku has also reduced his demands.

He decided to have his salary halved (it used to be 15 million, and now he wants 7). This shows that he wants to return to Serie A and Inter, where he had the best days of his career.

Romelu Lukaku and England

Romelu Lukaku did not become famous playing in England and it seems that the English League and its environment do not suit him at all.

His statistics this season are bad. It is not enough for a striker of this caliber and Chelsea certainly expected much more from him. Now he has to hope to return to Italy and show the games that adorned him. This would make him happy and the Inter fans who eagerly want him in tandem with Lautaro Martinez.

Inter fans recalled the great 2020/2021 season when Lukaku and Lautaro excelled in Serie A and scored 41 and assisted 20 goals for Inter's then Serie A title. The question is whether Lukaku can be the old one again and show the games as before.

Many believe that his self-confidence has been shattered by another episode in England and that this will affect his games in Italy. However, Lukaku is now an even more experienced player, and he is ready, that is for sure.

Inter has reason for optimism, and things could be resolved in the next few days. Serie A will be more interesting next season than ever. There are a lot of strong clubs that want to give a lot of money for the reinforcments.