Alex Telles finally arrived!

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Alex Telles finally arrived!

Some force in front of which the opponents fired, today a club that knows how to make money through marketing, but also brings the fans to the brink of a nervous breakdown. After another sloppy start to the season, Manchester United is buying in panic again, at least it is commendable that they brought a player for a disastrous defense tonight.

After several months of struggles, Alex Telles arrived from Porto and signed a four-year contract with the option to extend the cooperation for an additional season. Telles has been the target of the giant from Old Trafford since the beginning of the transfer window, but United were quite timid in the negotiations because everyone told them that it was crazy to pay 20,000,000 euros for a defender whose contract expires next summer.

Gambling payed off

However, Porto gambled and - it paid off. They won't really get 20,000,000 euros, but according to the reputable A Bola, he will earn 15,000,000 fixed, while with premiums, the transfer price could rise to 18,000,000.

And again, for the defender whose contract expired the following season - a handful! By the way, Telles should fight with Luke Shaw for the position of starting left back, while in these final hours of the last day of the transfer window, the Manchester club should confirm Edinson Cavani, while the situation is not so clear when it comes to 18-year-old Facundo Pelistri, and even Ismaila Sar.

Namely, Watford refused United's loan with the right of Sar's purchase for 25,000,000 pounds, he insists on the sale immediately and for 45,000,000, so it seems that the deal failed. As it is increasingly likely that United will not be able to bring Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona either.

Atalanta's 18-year-old Amad Traore should arrive in January, the Italians claim - for 40,000,000 euros!

United seem to have decided to invest in young players, but they want older players to strike a balance. The defense has always been a critical part of their team and it is, therefore, no surprise that Alex Telles has just arrived at Old Trafford.

With his speed and technique, he can help any team and United needed someone who is good both offensively and defensively. At left-back are the young Williams but also Luke Shaw who will fight Telles for the top 11. There will be a hell of competition at United this time!

Manchester United, despite a very good market season, has started not very well English Premier League, like Chelsea FC. All the big clubs of the Premier had ups and dows during the first matches, included Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal.