Florentino Perez: This is not the Kylian Mbappe I wanted

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Florentino Perez: This is not the Kylian Mbappe I wanted

Kylian Mbappe and Real Madrid. Transfer saga that has been talked about for two years. Still, Mbappe decided to stay in Paris and angered Real Madrid fans. Many consider it a betrayal, but not Perez. "Mbappe did not betray anyone.

His dream was to come to Real Madrid, but the situation changed due to political and economic pressure. In the end we said that this is not Mbappe we want, he changed his dream. I still appreciate him of course, his mother she wanted him to come to Madrid because it was his dream.

She was sad. We were told she was uncomfortable about it. Emanuel Macron called Mbappe, it doesn't make sense. PSG offered him to be the project leader, it's I didn't see the same Mbappe we wanted anymore. It's not easy when the president of your country, the mayor of your city, calls you and you go to Qatar and they offer you crazy things.

After that he changes his mind. We didn't sign a pre-contract with Mbappe , who should have been informed.We didn't want to increase the pressure on him.If Mbappe is like this let him stay at PSG.This is not the Mbappe I wanted.

I never said it was over, in three years things could change. This is not "my" Mbappe, but it can change. No player will ever be above the club, "Perez said. Many also talked about the arrival of Erling Haaland at Real Madrid, but he opted for Manchester City.

"We already have the best nine in the world. We can't bring Haaland, one amazing player, and leave him on the bench."

Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr. has been great this season. "I think Vinicius will win the Golden Ball one day, maybe Rodrygo also." Journalists wondered if Perez thought Mbappe could win the Golden Ball? "I don't know, I'm talking about the players of my club.

Rodrygo will blow everything away, Benzema wins this year's Golden Ball. We will try to renew Vinicius' contract as soon as possible. It shouldn't be a problem because he only wants Real Madrid." The idea of ​​a Super League is still there.

"Of course the Super League is still alive. We are currently in court in Luxembourg and a court hearing will show whether we are right or not. We believe we have the right to organize a competition with UEFA. We assume that UEFA has a monopoly and that competitions must exist.

We were never afraid of being kicked out of the Champions League. The dinner with Cheferin before the Champions League final was cordial. We disagree, but we maintain a cordial relationship."

Kylian Mbappe