Marcelo said goodbye to Real Madrid with tears in his eyes

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Marcelo said goodbye to Real Madrid with tears in his eyes

Marcelo could not hide his tears at the farewell press conference. After 15 years spent in Madrid, and 5 Champions Leagues, the Brazilian will leave Real Madrid. "If I ever play against Real Madrid, it will not be a problem, because I am a professional and Real Madrid taught me how to be," Marcelo said.

"Thanks to my teammates, coaches. But first of all, I want to thank the physiotherapists, the security, the staff, the people behind the scenes and doing the 'dirty' work. I want to emphasize their work, because I was dedicated only to the game and everything was waiting for me.

I also want to thank my wife, because she has been with me since I started playing football. I became what I am today because of Clarice. " Even as a child he had his goals and dreamed of the biggest stage. Marcelo made his dreams come true.

And not only did he make his dreams come true, but he did much more than he imagined. "When I left Brazil, I had in mind to play in the Champions League. And today I am leaving here as the player with the most titles in the history of the biggest club in the world.


Marcelo on coaches, Champions League and the next club

Marcelo hasn't played much lately and it was expected that he could leave Real Madrid. However, the coaching decisions were such. "I talked to the coaches and told them I wanted to play more.

It is up to them to decide. I can talk to them, but they are the ones who decide. I felt I could play more, but everyone has their own philosophy and they decide. " What is talked about a lot in football is the mental aspect of this game.

It was Marcelo who emphasized in one way how important this was. Although he did not play in the finals, he had a great impact on all the players. "I may have been selfish when we talked, but I thought I could help in other ways.

I didn't play in the Champions League final this year, but I felt more important than in the four finals when I did. There are ways to make an impact without touching the lottery. " It is still unknown where Marcelo could continue his career but we will be informed at the right time.

"I will continue to play. "When there is any news about the new club, I will post it on Instagram," concluded Marcelo.

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