Real Madrid celebrates Rafael Nadal!

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Real Madrid celebrates Rafael Nadal!

It has been a literally fantastic two weeks for Spanish champion Rafael Nadal. The Spanish tennis player won his fourteenth Roland Garros, in Paris. Twenty-two career Grand Slam titles for the Majorcan who stands out even more in the eternal fight between the two long-time rivals Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, behind only 20 slams.

Not only this, there are those who speak of destiny and these weeks have been very important for Nadal. He is a member and fan of Real Madrid and a few days ago the Spanish club raised the fourteenth Champions League in its history in Paris.

Nadal was present at the stadium and witnessed his club win over a great Liverpool. The Blancos took home the narrow victory, thanks to the goal of the Brazilian Vinicius Junior: the protagonist and MVP of the match, however, was the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, authentic savior of the Blancos and author of several decisive interventions on Salah and his teammates.

Two magical weeks with Nadal who celebrated in Paris first his club's victory and then his victory on the pitch that made him great.

Real Madrid's post on social media

Through its social channels, Real Madrid also wanted to celebrate one of its biggest fans (and members).

Florentino Perez's club published the following message: "Congratulations on yet another feat of your career, Rafa Nadal. It is an honor to have a Real Madrid fan of your caliber and it is an honor to have the best tennis player in the club as a member of the club.

all times. Congratulations on your 22nd Grand Slam and on Roland Garros number 14, undoubtedly a magical number in this 2022. " Subsequently, Real Madrid sent their fans into ecstasy by posting photos of Nadal and the cup and also of the Brazilian Marcelo who instead raised the fourteenth Champions League in the history of the Madrid club to the sky.

Two magical weeks, both for Rafa and for Real Madrid. Here is the post that appeared on Instagram: