Cristiano Ronaldo shares his opinion about the arrival of Erik ten Hag!

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Cristiano Ronaldo shares his opinion about the arrival of Erik ten Hag!

Cristiano Ronaldo is someone we can't wait to hear his opinion from, so the journalists of the club's website (Manchester United) interviewed Ronaldo, and one of the first questions was his opinion about Erik ten Hag.
“I know he did a fantastic job for Ajax and that he’s an experienced coach, but we need to give him time and things need to change – the way he wants,” Ronaldo said as quoted by talksport.

“I hope we have success of course. Because if you have success, all of Manchester are going to have success as well. So I wish him the best. We are happy and excited – not only the players but the supporters as well.

“I wish him the best and let’s hope that next year we’re going to win trophies”.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United

There are many fond memories that Ronaldo had playing for Manchester United, and he is happy to be back at the club where he had his best days, and where he has become what he is today.

“I was happy of course to be back at a club that really raised my career,” he said. “So it was unbelievable. The feeling when I [came] back again, it was nice to feel the supporters. The happiness of them was great.

I was – and still am – very happy to be here. “I believe that Manchester will be where they belong. As I say before, sometimes it takes time but I still believe. The records are coming in a natural way. I don’t follow the records but the records follow me.

So it’s good. It’s still my motivation to carry on. Just working hard. I still love the passion for the game. And of course, Manchester and my team-mates helped me all the way so I have to appreciate all the people who help Cristiano”.

Manchester United is known for giving young players a chance, so it was the same this season. Still, another advantage is that the young players had someone to look up to: Cristiano Ronaldo “The new generation will be the future of the club,” he added.

“I’m in favour of giving opportunities to the young generation because they will be the future. “But you have to help them as well to put it in the right spot. Because the pressure is a lot to play in the Premier League, which I believe is the most difficult league in the world by far.

Cristiano Ronaldo