Leo Messi: "I don't understand booing, it's not the first time we've been eliminated"

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Leo Messi: "I don't understand booing, it's not the first time we've been eliminated"

A lot has happened to Leo Messi in the last year, from winning the Copa America to leaving Barcelona. "Since last summer, things have happened that I could not have imagined. We managed to win the Copa America after so many years of waiting.

It was a summer of complete happiness! I thought everything would stay the same and then what happened in Barcelona happened. It was a difficult change for me, "said Messi. Messi had difficulty adapting. "Adaptation was not easy for me.

I always say that I had everything in Barcelona. I came there as a child. I lived in Barcelona longer than in Argentina. It was beautiful for me and I didn't plan to change anything ... Fortunately, the children quickly adapted in Paris.

Antonellaa and I had a hard time ... We cried the first day they went to school. I have to get used to a lot of new things. I came to a place where the style of play is different than in Barcelona. I knew some players there all my life.

" Messi is already in his serious years, and injuries are the reason for his somewhat worse performances. "I started the season late because I arrived at the club late. Then I had a break due to a knee injury. After the holidays, I expected everything to be better, but I got a COVID that destroyed my lungs.

I couldn't run for almost a month and a half. And just when I was recovering and getting ready, Real Madrid came and "killed us". Me and the whole locker room. "

Real Madrid elimination

Real Madrid eliminated them from the Champions League.

"I want to win it again and I'm sorry that I didn't succeed this season. A better team does not always win. Without wanting to take away someone's merits, but Real Madrid was not the best in the Champions League. I know very well what Real Madrid is.

We have been rivals all our lives and I knew what could happen to us. They scored a goal out of nowhere and turned the game around. I also knew that they would attack us in the first 15 or 20 minutes. If you endure that, then the game changes.

But if something unforeseen happens or a goal is scored, I knew what could happen to us, as it happened to City, Chelsea, Liverpool ... This is not the first time. The Champions League is a competition situation, the best does not always win.

There are specific moments and psychological moments when even the slightest mistake knocks you out. Those who are ready for those situations, reach the finals or become champions. At Real, they managed those situations the best and that is why they are champions.

" It is a difficult season behind him, but he hopes for the best "It was not easy for me this year in Paris, I did not enjoy football as much as I could, but I am convinced that it will change. I know the club, the city and I know that next season will be different.

That anger of the fans is incomprehensible to me. It is not the first time that the team dropped out of the Champions League. I don't understand booing… But I have to put that aside and try to help turn the situation around.

My children immediately came to my mind and what they would think. I didn't like it because they had to listen to it. Fortunately, they didn't understand. They realized that something was happening but not why. They still watch my old goals on YouTube and I am happy about that. "

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