Jurgen Klopp before the Champions League final: We can't buy their experience

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Jurgen Klopp before the Champions League final: We can't buy their experience

There is little left until the Champions League final to be played on Saturday. Jurgen Klopp also spoke about the potential revenge of Mohammed Salah against Real Madrid: "We are all motivated by different things. Something is different in Mohammed Salah's case.

That is completely fine and I have no problem with that. The 2018 final is not Salah's only motivation, but it is normal that he wants to put things in their place. We have so many reasons to do our best, he is not the only one, "said Jurgen Klopp Real Madrid is the club with the most Champions League trophies and they know what challenge awaits them.

"They are the most successful club in the competition. Some of their players could win it for the fifth time, and the coach for the fourth time. We can't buy that experience, but we are here for the third time in the last five years.

It's really special. It would mean we have a lot to win. If you understand football, then you know that what my guys have done so far is exceptional. In the end, of course, everything is measured by the color of the medal. That's perfectly fine.

I'm proud of what we've done so far. " said Klopp.

Robertson commented

Robertson, the team's left-back, recalled the final against Real Madrid that Liverpool lost. "We redeemed ourselves for Kyiv by winning the Champions League next season.

That game is far in the past now. Of course, it's Real again, but we just want to win that game. We hope to be the ones to look forward to." Liverpool did not manage to win the Premier League title, but it seems that they did not expect that, so they put all the focus on the Champions League.

"We passed a real roller coaster on Sunday, even more for the fans. As far as mental effort is concerned, this is the biggest game in world football. On Monday we allowed ourselves to regret that we finished second in the Premier League, but we were ready for tomorrow "We went through a lot.

We had a lot of injuries and problems, but the boys are completely healthy and full of confidence," said Roberston. Trent Alexander-Arnold talked about the final and the pressure of playing big games.
Manchester City is a different kind of threat.

The Champions League final brings extra pressure. It's a different game, no matter who you play against. And when you have Real on the other side, it gets even harder. Last week was tough, we needed it a day or two, but then you have the Champions League final to prepare for.

What's better than coming to a fantastic event in Paris and playing in the best competition in the world? "Liverpool's right-back concluded.

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