Jose Mourinho: "I'm staying in Roma, no doubt!"


Jose Mourinho: "I'm staying in Roma, no doubt!"
Jose Mourinho: "I'm staying in Roma, no doubt!"

Jose Mourinho achieved great success and won the UEFA Conference League with AS Roma. This is a trophy that will mean a lot to Roma fans. "A lot is going through my head right now. I've been in Rome for 11 months and I immediately realized where I came from.

I understood what this meant to them, they were waiting for this… As I told the boys, in Turin we did what we had to do to qualify for the Europa League. This was not an easy job today, this was history and we wrote it down, "Mourinho said.

Roma failed to win any trophy under the auspices of UEFA until now. Mourinho now wants to rest after all. "Conference league is a competition that we wanted to win and as we went further it became more and more difficult. We had to win the Premier League team, we played with Feyenoord who eliminated Marseille.

Maybe we could have won some more points in the championship, but we gave a lot for the Conference league. We have been told that I, Sir Alex Ferguson and Giovanni Trapattoni, have won European trophies in three different decades, which makes me feel a little old, but it is nice for my career.

Now I'm going to go on vacation, sit on the beach and think about all this for a while. "

Mourinho: I am Romanist!

Mourinho won all the European trophies that could be won, and explained what meant the most to him. "The great thing about my career is that, with the exception of the Europa League with Manchester United, the successes with Porto, Inter, and Roma are really, really, really special.

It's one thing to win when everyone expects you to do it, when you invest to win, but completely different when something remains immortal. It's a really special feeling. " Mourinho has confirmed that he is a Romanist! "Of course I feel like a Romanist, but it's probably because of the way I work.

I'm a fan of Porto, Inter, Chelsea, I'm crazy about Real, now I'm a Roma fan. I belong to all these clubs because we had moments like this together. Tonight, with due respect to all the clubs I worked for, I feel completely like a Romanist, because these fans are really amazing.

Plans are already being made for next season, and Mourinho has a clear goal. "I'm staying, no doubt! Despite some rumors, I want to stay in Roma. We need to see what our owners, who are great people, want to do next season, because this is history, but we can create a strong project with true professionals. Now we have to sit down together and figure out what the plan is for next season, "Mourinho concluded.

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