Kylian Mbappe's big interview about the new contract: Money is not the main reason

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Kylian Mbappe's big interview about the new contract: Money is not the main reason

Kylian Mbappe surprised the football world after he decided to stay at PSG and extend his contract. "I'm sad because everyone talks about the money. And I've never talked about him, but about football, titles, important matches.

People can talk about what they want, but I'm not like that. I talked to people from Real Madrid, people from Paris Saint-Germain Germain also knows that there was never any money in talks with President Florentino Perez or Nasser Al Khalaifi.

Maybe my lawyer and my mother did some of it, but I didn't. I'm talking about sports, on the field. I get money but I pay a little attention to him, but I don't care. I'm here to win titles, to show that I'm the best and to be happy," Mbappe said.

The President of France, Emanuel Macron, talked with him about the contract. "It's something special. I didn't think I would ever talk to such a person about a new contract. It's amazing to talk to him and all these important people.

In the end, it was my decision, but everyone gave me good advice. I thought a lot about what I would do. I could do or become. I decided to stay in the country because I am French and to be part of a new project, a new era of PSG.

I think the decision is good because it is mine. "
"You have those clauses in Spain, not in France. To be honest, I'm only thinking about a new contract and next season. I'm not dealing with other things, because to become a great player, you have to respect everything and now I have to respect my club.

I am currently a PSG player. "


Liverpool was interested in him. "I also talked to them because red is my mother's favorite color and she loves Liverpool. I don't know why, you have to ask her that. We met a couple of years ago, when I was in Monaco.

It's a great club. Now we've talked a little bit, but in the end it was all between Real Madrid and PSG. Everyone knows that I wanted to go to Real Madrid last year I thought it was a good decision but now it is different because I was a free agent.

I am French and I know I am important to my country and when that is the case, you can not only think about football, but also about life. When I get my degree I will stay in France, live here with family and friends. I can only thank Real Madrid fans, the whole club, because they are gave all possible love and it was amazing because I never played for them.

Only when I was 14 and that for a week, but it's an amazing club and I want them luck in the Champions League final ". It seems that Real Madrid is still his great wish. "I would show disrespect to the club if I said it was my dream to play for Real Madrid, just a few days after I signed the contract.

The dream is fine, but now I'm focused only on the new contract and what's happening right now. You never know what can happen. I have a three-year contract and I have to focus on a year at PSG ".