Hasan Salihamidzic and Oliver Kahn on the potential transfer of Robert Lewandowski

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Hasan Salihamidzic and Oliver Kahn on the potential transfer of Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is now one of the main topics. The Pole wants to change the club, and there are many clubs mentioned as an option, but Barcelona seems to be the most concrete. However, we do not know whether an agreement will be reached.

"Yes, Lewandowski is one of our options. He said he wants to leave Germany, his wish is not in dispute, but we now have to negotiate with the club. And you know how it goes with Bayern, it will certainly not make our job easier," Xavi said recently.

One of the topics is Ousmane Dembele and it seems that this story will come to an end, considering that Dembele will probably leave the club during the summer and decide where to continue his career. "If you ask me about Dembele - yes, the game against Villarreal could be his last in the Barcelona jersey.

We are optimistic, we hope he will extend his contract, but" ... Oliver Kahn commented on the story of Robert Lewandowski's transfer. "This is not about price. Robert has a contract until 2023 and will fulfill it to the end." Salihamidzic also spoke about the offer made to Robert's agent.

"The offer was presented to his agent. If it hadn't, we wouldn't have talked about it publicly."

Oliver Kahn comments

Oliver Kahn has a special football philosophy and way of working. "For me, the sports result is a priority.

But without jeopardizing economic stability. In the future, it will be important to assess what risks the club can take in order not to lag behind other top teams. I hear some people now say: We will have a chance against Bayern.

I tell them that we will talk about everything at the end of next season. Bayern is not and will never become a development club. We are still a great power. There are many players who are dying to play with us. Development clubs are forced to sell their best players.

We don't do that. " Rumenige also had something to say about Lewandowski: "From my experience with him, I can say that he is a top professional. Robert is not a starlet eager for attention. He will score goals for us next season as well.

I hope he will be at the same level." What seems certain is that he will leave the club, but let's wait until the end to see what can happen.Many would like to see him on their team, but this will not be easy given that the Bayern administration is sometimes difficult to negotiate