Jurgen Klopp after Sadio Mane missed penalty: I realized it’s better to shut up

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Jurgen Klopp after Sadio Mane missed penalty: I realized it’s better to shut up

Liverpool have shown just how big the club is this season, and it’s amazing what a job Jurgen Klopp has done since taking over the club. Liverpool was better than Chelsea, so they won on penalties and won the FA Cup.

Jurgen Klopp was of course extremely happy after all, and it remains for him to celebrate this victory, and to prepare for the Champions League final. "It's a real pleasure to be a part of this club right now. We still have a lot to do by the end of the season, but tonight I decided to just enjoy this moment and not think about the next challenge.

It really is a special moment. We do not stop winning this trophy, we just leave time and space to enjoy the success for a few minutes. "After that previous season, no one, except me, thought we could make results like this," said Jurgen Klopp after winning a new trophy with the Reds.

Courage of the players

The German showed modesty this time as well, and praised the players who showed readiness and courage in the key moments of this season. Indeed, he formed a top team. "The trophy came because of the character of these players.

That is the only reason. I can talk as much as I want, I can motivate them as much as I want, but if these guys became soft or weak, then you wouldn't have a chance to compete with City in the Premier League. " And in the League Cup final, Keppa Arizabalaga missed from the penalty spot, and Chelsea seem to have no luck in the penalty shootout.

"The match was extraordinary and very intense. And they deserved the victory, as in the League Cup final, that's how small the difference between the teams is. It is minimal, it was seen in the FA Cup final. " Klopp also commented on Sadio Mane's penalty that could have cost them.

"Performing penalties is a lottery, and Mane's miss is 50 percent my responsibility. I told him that the goalkeeper knows him well and that he should shoot in a different way, to change sides. This is not the first time I should have been silent ", Klopp said with a smile.

Liverpool now have to prepare for what awaits them and that is the final against Real Madrid, although they still have a chance for the English League after City played 2: 2 against West Ham