Antonio Conte: Mikel Arteta needs to focus more on his team, not constantly complain

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Antonio Conte: Mikel Arteta needs to focus more on his team, not constantly complain

Tottenham beat Arsenal 3-0, so the race for the Champions League will be even more interesting. Antonio Conte is frustrated by Arteta's comments complaining to the referees after the match "Arteta is a really good coach, but he has just started with this job and he needs to focus more on his team, not constantly complain.

In the six months since I've been at Tottenham, I've often heard him complain. He must calm. But if he won't take my advice, I don't care, "Conte said. Antio Conte believes that the referees made a good decision and recalled certain situations from before.

"The red card was clear for me and if we want to complain, we have the opportunity to talk about referees, decisions and postponed matches after every game. If you remember, Arsenal managed to postpone this game in an incredible way when they had only one player.

infected with the corona virus. I haven't forgotten that because it made us a little angry. " However, Antonio Conte also had to complain about something, since his team will not have a day off. "If we are going to complain, then I can ask why we are playing again on Sunday afternoon, while Arsenal is not playing until Monday night and has one more day to rest," Conte concluded.

Clattenburg commented

What is interesting is that the former referee, Mark Clattenburg, commented on the decisions of his colleague. "The penalty was soft. This was a decision that determined the course of the match and I'm not sure I would have made it the same way.

Technically, Paul Tierney wasn't wrong. The replay shows us what the referee could see, and it looked like Cedric Soares hit Son Heung-Min from behind, but if we decide this as a penalty, I could find many of the same examples when the same foul was committed in the penalty area in other games.

In the Premier League game, will there be a penalty then? Maybe it will, and maybe won't. Unfortunately for Arsenal, Tierney thought it was a pure foul, and Harry Kane thanked him," said Klatenburg. He also commented on the decision to exclude the Holding.

"Holding has already fouled Son before he received his first yellow card. Although the referees allow a certain degree of rudeness in these derbies, Tierney definitely lost patience with Holding and awarded him a yellow card for the third foul on Son, this time for dragging an opponent.

Since he has already been publicly warned, it was stupid of the Holding to block Son's run with the help of a raised hand," he concluded.

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