Jose Mourinho: I am not as lucky as some other coaches to buy the player I want

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Jose Mourinho: I am not as lucky as some other coaches to buy the player I want

Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful coaches who wants to achieve great success with Roma. He reveals that he still has big goals, but he is aware that some clubs are investing more money. "We want to return Roma to the Champions League, however, when you look at the investments of Inter, Milan and Juventus, you realize that three of the four places have already been filled.

There is only one place left, Atalanta got it last year, now Napoli is here, and I think we could attack them next year," Mourinho points out. Of course, Mourinho stressed that he had some wishes, but unfortunately, the Roma administration could not fulfill it.

"We improved during the second part of the season, after corrections during the January transfer window. I am not as lucky as some other coaches to buy the player I want. I can only tighten the criteria and raise the quality.

This was a season of work and development, in the next one, I believe, we will have a chance to achieve our goal. "

Henrikh Mkhitaryan

One of the players with whom Mourinho is collaborating again is Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

"Together we won three cups, the Community Shield, the League Cup and the Europa League. Unfortunately, these were the last three trophies of Manchester United. I emphasize, "unfortunately", because I love the club and wish them all the best.

As soon as we won the cups, it means that we cooperated well. The second season was a little different, but I'm most happy that people said at the beginning that Micky has no chance to play with Jose and that I'm the type when, if something goes wrong, it can't be fixed.

We have proved the opposite. We were mature and honest with each other, in that period we had concrete conversations with Mino Raiola, God forgive his soul. " "I always try to be honest with the players. I saw that I needed a player like Henrik for the project in Rome, I realized how important Micky is to the group, and the consequence is the fact that Armen has a great season.

It allowed us to deal with the problems that arose based on the fact that we had a short bench. That is why he played everywhere, he was also a "ten" and a winger, even in situations when we were hit by a COVID.

I am happy that he succeeded, but at the same time I am satisfied that people realized that in my case, not everything is black or white. It is possible that I will have a different relationship with some football players than in the past. "