Pep Guardiola reveals what he said to the players after the defeat by Real Madrid

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Pep Guardiola reveals what he said to the players after the defeat by Real Madrid

Pep Guardiola is aware of the severity of the defeat against Real Madrid, but his focus is something completely different. "Of course, we can analyze, but this is a type of game that causes a lot of emotions, and I want us to focus on Newcastle.

That is the most important thing for us now, "Guardiola said. "What is life? Life is not always made up of good moments. There are more bad than good moments in sports in particular. That's why I sometimes feel more comfortable in situations like this than when I have to face success.

" Manel is their psychologist and helps them in the most difficult moments. Manel takes care of me, that's enough work for him ", said Guardiola: "We have been friends for many years. Many, many. He was the best in his sport, he has an incredible feeling to evaluate what is happening with the team.

He doesn't work with tactics, but he follows the players, that's what we need and that's what is required of him. He helps me, especially in difficult moments. We share our sorrow, it holds us together. Manel has an important role in the club, he is a great person for my family.

" Guradiola also revealed what he said to the players after the match: "Defeat brings a lot of emotions. It's mixed with success, you know you could have done better once. Defeat makes you feel everything. That's the only way you can be better.

After the game in Madrid, I didn't say anything to the players, there are no words that can help you control the pain that brings such a result. You can only accept that pain. Today everyone is talking. That's why I just told the players: "Don't read a lot, stay away from everything and focus only on yourself."

Guardiola on his season

Guardiola is still optimistic, and expects good results. "The moment is like that, we have to accept it. We have to put on the table who we are and what we did in those two games, in the Premier League and in the Champions League in general.

Last year, we won 11 matches in the Champions League, had one draw and lost. Was it a bad season? Absolutely not! This season we also dropped out in the semifinals. Of course, we want to be European champions, but when they called me to take over City, they didn't tell me that I had to win the Champions League, not even the Premier League.

I was told that he wants us to be competitive in all competitions until the end, to be a team that the fans will enjoy when they watch him. That's why they knocked on my door, and we achieved that. In all competitions, the people who played against us know how good we are. We are forcing our opponents to play to the maximum against us. "