Jurgen Klopp on half-time advices and his wish in the final


Jurgen Klopp on half-time advices and his wish in the final

Jurgen Klopp had a tough night, but his team still beat Villareal who led 2-0 at halftime. Liverpool woke up in the 2nd part of the match and won 2: 3. "Honestly, I feel like my first Champions League final," Klopp said. "It was very difficult for us, we played a rematch on the side and it was clear to us that an early goal will give us a lot of trouble in the continuation of the game.

We didn't do what we wanted. " Klopp also revealed what he told to his players at half-time and what they have to work on: "I told the guys everything they were wrong about, that we have to turn all the negative things around and bring them to a positive level, to play as we know.

We had to play football again. If we had lost our ideas and Villarreal continued to play as they did, they would have kicked us out. We were focused, we came out and dominated, we restored the momentum of the game, and moved on.


Luis Diaz

The first goal changed everything, and it felt like Liverpool had gained confidence. It was obvious that they would go for everything or nothing to win. "When we shook the net, additional space opened up, which gave us the opportunity to progress.

The idea was to move forward, to play more in their field, to shake off the pressure. We had more balls in our legs, we had to move more, which we did, we were in their middle and that gave us security. " Luis Diaz has shown what a player he is, and it can be said that this is one of Liverpool's best reinforcements.

"He gave us order in the offensive and we looked much more dynamic. That was very important to us. " Klopp doesn't want to think too much about his opponent. "I will watch the finals from the armchair with a glass of beer. I don't care who wins.

Whoever goes further will go to us in Paris. " His opponent in the final will be Real Madrid, and this is an additional motive for revenge. We will see how he will manage and whether he will be able to beat the team this time, which has shown that this season is not the end until they say so.

Real Madrid has won many finals, they have many experienced players, but this will not be a guarantee, given that the team of Jurgen Klopp is excellent and motivated

Jurgen Klopp