Mohammed Salah: I would like to play against Real Madrid


Mohammed Salah: I would like to play against Real Madrid
Mohammed Salah: I would like to play against Real Madrid

Liverpool beat Villareal 2-3 last night. Although the first half wasn't good for Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp's team showed what they can do in the second half, and they scored three goals. Mohammed Salah was happy after the game and had something to say: "I have to be honest, I would like to play with Real.

Manchester City is a really difficult opponent, and we have already played with them several times this season. If you ask me personally, I would prefer Real, because we lost the final to them, so I want to play against them again and I hope that we will win the cup this time", he said.

Now we can officially say that the wish he expected will come true, although most thought that Manchester City would be the one to be in the final. Real Madrid surprised many, and this gives additional charm to the final that awaits us.

The match was not easy for Liverpool. "It was difficult in the first half, but the boss spoke in the locker room and we talked to each other. This shows the character of this locker room. It shows that we are a top team. So we can come back after 0: 2 in the first half.

That makes the victory even more exciting. "

Liverpool goals

Liverpool is in three finals and has already won the League Cup. Salah is motivated to conquer everything. This goal will not be easy to meet given the competition they have, but with their quality, desire and perseverance they could achieve their goal.

They have three finals ahead of them, and what else but to congratulate Jurgen Klopp's team for this feat. "I always concentrate on the Premier League in the Champions League, but now that we are so close to winning all the trophies - why not?" He also showed his ambition.

His ambitions have always been the greatest, and that is why he is currently one of the best footballers in the world. "The team is always the most important, but I have high expectations of myself. Honestly, I didn't tell anyone this, before the start of the season I said to myself: "Okay, I'll score 40 goals and have 10 or 15 more assists." I finished those assists, now I have to concentrate on goals.

Trent will certainly be angry that I have more assists in the Premier League, but I'm going for everything ", says Salah with a smile on his face.

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