Carlo Ancelotti surprised many: "After Real Madrid, I'm going ..."

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Carlo Ancelotti surprised many: "After Real Madrid, I'm going ..."

Carlo Ancelotti has achieved a lot of success in his career and it seems that Real Madrid is his last stop and that by leaving Real Madrid he ends his coaching job. "After Real, I will most likely retire. If they want me to stay at the club for another ten years, I will stay, but when I leave, I want to be with my grandchildren, my wife, to go on vacation together.

There are many beautiful things you leave aside while doing this "business," said Ancelotti. He also revealed his plans for the future. His goal is to travel to Australia and Brazil. "I have never been to Australia. Not even in Rio de Janeiro.

I would like to see my sister more. Unfortunately, I still can't do that, so when I retire, I will have to do all these things. " Ancelotti and Italy Many believe that Ancelotti should be on the bench in Italy, and he himself confirmed that this option is interesting.

The Italian team is in a big crisis and Ancelotti seems like an interesting option, but there is little chance of such a thing in the near future. Obviously, someone has to wake up the team and get back on the winning tracks, because not playing in the World Cup is a big shock for the Italians.

"It would be interesting. I have that offer on the table, but it's still too early. For the 2026 World Cup, why not. That could happen. " Of course, the inevitable theme is both Benzema and his phenomenal season. The Frenchman is the main candidate for the Golden Ball this season, and it is amazing what he has done this season.

"It is now at the highest level. I don't have to train him or tell him what to do, I just need to use him. He trains himself best, because he is a great professional and a very modest person. He decided many games in our favor, he was the deciding factor on the field.

He is now one of the greatest players in the world, and despite that, he shows great humility. That is his greatest strength. That is why he will win the Golden Ball ", he concluded. The next challenge will be the biggest, the match with City can decide a lot in the end.