Jurgen Klopp after signing a new contract: I do not guarantee success


Jurgen Klopp after signing a new contract: I do not guarantee success

The news that Jurgen Klopp has signed a new contract with Liverpool has provoked a number of reactions. Klopp is one of the best coaches today, and therefore it is not surprising that this decision of the Liverpool management, which did everything to continue the cooperation with this great German.

"I do not guarantee success, stability - yes," Jurgen Klopp said and caused optimism among fans. Liverpool have not been this strong for a long time, and they are the main favorites to win the Champions League by a majority.

However, it is still unknown whether Jurgen Klopp's team will have enough strength for that. What is certain. Since the arrival of 2015, Klopp has created a new Liverpool that has become a great power and can match anyone. Klopp had something to say after signing the contract: "This is exactly what I thought it would be like when I last extended my contract.

It's not like I'm hoping to leave after 2024, but things have changed. We want to make this club successful in the long run, as long as possible. If we achieve it and - forever! Although that doesn't mean that I will stay here forever ", Klopp laughs after the cooperation is certified until June 2026.


His next challenge is Villareal, which they beat 2-0 in the first match, but in the second match, they will not have an easy task, although they are already big favorites to go further. "We did this earlier and it is good because of the upcoming transfer period.

We cannot guarantee success, but we can guarantee stability, which is a great thing in these difficult times. For me, in this moment of my life, Anfield is the place I want to be. This club offers a lot, we are expanding the stadium again and that is an indicator that we will never stop developing.

" Not only Jurgen Klopp signed the contract, but also his associates. They are ready to go to the very end. They are ready for the biggest goals, and indeed Liverpool fans can be happy because this Liverpool is capable of all trophies.

Still, let's wait. "We feel like we are in the middle of something, in the middle of a process, not in the end. When you are in the middle, then you want to get to the end. Everyone is excited about what they are doing. The fire in us never stops and it is a great pleasure to be surrounded by such people.

All the guys from my professional staff are almost at the beginning of their coaching careers, and they are doing an incredibly good job," the German added.

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