Ronald Koeman on Xavi, Barca's identity and hard trainings

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Ronald Koeman on Xavi, Barca's identity and hard trainings

The arrival of Xavi has caused some controversy, and there is much talk about Barcelona’s progress. Although it is obvious that Barcelona is playing much better, the results are still not at the level expected. Former Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman compared himself and Xavi: "Barcelona must have progressed in some segments.

Tgey brought three strikers in the winter, more precisely three offensive players. It is not appropriate to compare, but when I left, Barcelona was eight points behind the leader, and now almost twice as much. That is why it is not good to draw parallels.

" Koeman believes that the fans must be patient. "Xavi's task is as complicated as mine was. No need to lie, every time you lose a game at home it happens for a reason. That is Barcelona's reality today. It takes time for the club to get back to where it was.

So I pray for peace. Support the coach not to think about how we didn't win the cups, but to think about the long term. I would not like to criticize. I am asking for only one thing - support for Xavi! That is the situation, because the coach is not the only one to blame.

" Koeman once again showed how much he loves this club, but also stressed that the management did not support him. "I did not enjoy maximum support. I hope that (Laporta, op. Cit.) Learned something from that and that he will stand by Xavi.

Everything that happens around the club hurts me. I'm sad, as part of Barça. Hence, maximum support for Xavi, the legend, the good coach, the child of the club, and the least guilty that the Catalans are here. "

Koeman on other clubs and trainings

Koeman compared Barca to other clubs.

"You can't blame just one person or a coach. There are several different ways to win a match. Until I worked at the Nou Camp, we won the Copa del Rey with a great game. Today, you can play with three or four in the last line, but it is true that Barça is not able to bring in the best football players in the world.

We all watched the matches between Manchester City and Liverpool in the Champions League. They are much better than Barça. And it's not the coach's fault. There are several reasons. I would not say where Barcelona would have been if I had stayed, however, it is clear that I did not have the support of the club.

I hope Xavi will have it. " The Dutchman also praised Pep Guardiola and talked about his training. "When I came, I know that the players were tired in training. The reason is that we trained more and more intensively. If the football players think that they are better off under Xavi, then ...

Of course, in a team of 24 players, you always have someone to whom the rhythm of answers and someone who bothers. It doesn't concern me. I know how the locker room works. I tried to build an honest relationship with the players.

We are all human, we are wrong. Everyone except Guardiola. He is the only one who is doing everything as it should be"- Koeman concluded.