Carlo Ancelotti: We have to use the match ball against Espanyol

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Carlo Ancelotti: We have to use the match ball against Espanyol

Real Madrid are close to the title and have a good chance of achieving what they envisioned. Barcelona is at -15, and if Real Madrid draw or win against Espanyol, it would mean they become new champions. Still, Ancelotti doesn’t want to say anything in advance, and he clearly doesn’t want to put pressure on his team.

"I don't like to talk about it because I haven't won the title yet. I'm a bit superstitious, like many Italians, so I'd rather talk once it's all over. Nobody expected us to have a 15-point advantage. The team did a very good job.

We won. We won on very complicated matches, in Seville, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Barcelona. We made a difference," Carleto said at the conference. Real Madrid will play against Manchester City at the Santiago Bernabeu. Although they lost 4-3, they still have good chances, but they will have to play much better if they want to parry such a rival.

"Exclusively about tomorrow's game, since the match with City ended. The great tennis players, when they have a match ball, they use it immediately. I hope we will do the same tomorrow." Many are wondering if Ancelotti will keep some players for the match against the English: "I usually talk to the players and their opinions are important to me.

But I decide. Not many players asked me not to play because they are tired.

Ancelotti on critics

We have the assessments of the medical team, the physiotherapist, and I have to make a decision taking all that into account.

it is important, but not the most important. " Many today consider Ancelotti a coach who is far from modern. However, Ancelotti responded to such critics: "I don't consider myself an old coach. We have to adapt to different times, but I don't consider myself old.

Football is not the same as 20 years ago when I won my first title, the rules have changed and we need to constantly adapt, because they will not stop changing. "We need to be ready," Ancelotti concluded. Real Madrid is fighting on two fronts.

Since they have almost won the Primera, the biggest focus will be on the Champions League, where one of the strongest teams this season is waiting for them. They will not have an easy job, considering the team that City has, but also a coach who is one of the most experienced and better. It will be an interesting match in any case. But first we will wait for Espanyol.