Carlo Ancelotti about his childhood, tactics and future

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Carlo Ancelotti about his childhood, tactics and future

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the best coaches today, and with Real Madrid he wants to reach the Champions League final. Ancelotti's past is interesting: "My father was a peasant. We cultivated the land and raised cows for milk.

We received Parmesan cheese from him, which took a year to ripen. My father was a very calm and balanced man who helped me form a character. My mother didn't want me to become a football player because she didn't care about sports.

I spent four years in the school for priests and there I learned the rules and regulations. I learned what responsibility means. I didn't like to study, but in the end, I passed for an electrician ", he said. Ancelotti also explained his philosophy.

"I am not an obsessive guy. I love football, it is a great passion of mine, but I try to keep things simple. For me, football is nothing complicated. Even tactics are a simple matter. I can draw the players' attention to some things on the defensive, but the offensive is more a matter of creation and I don't want to influence them.

That Modric's pass outside ... What's next for the coach? Or how can I tell Karim Benzema where to position himself when he already knows that? I never saw football as a sacrifice but as a pleasure. It is true that you sometimes suffer, but you enjoy more situations.

Training helps you prepare for the stress of the game. If you lose the match, there is no sleep. If you win, your thoughts fly to many places again and there is no sleep again. "

Toni Kroos

Toni Kroos got angry when Ancelotti replaced him.

Carlo explained his action: "Kroos anger? You see, during my last playing season in Milan, Fabio Capello started to leave me on the bench or in the stands. I was angry but he told me that I would understand one day when I became a coach.

Well, today I understand that perfectly. The difference between my generation of players and these today is that mine aspired more to the coaching job after a playing career. Today, they want more to stay in football as professional consultants or directors.

" Ancelotti also revealed what he plans to do in the future. "I got married the second time and I didn't have much time with my wife. I want to dedicate time to her and do some of the things we want. I will remain a fan of Milan and Real Madrid.

I want to become a professor of football at the university level. UEFA can give me a license or something and then ask people from the world of football to see how much they know. "